One step forward, two steps back

by Gabriella Sonabend

I have learned by now that one extraordinary day can’t be followed by another and that every time I feel I have fallen further into the fabric of the city a day passes where I feel entirely disconnected, alone and somehow frozen in time. Today was a day where little happened. Feeling sick all day, I attempted to go out for a short while but my body was against that decision. I found myself lying for hours on my bed in silence, listening to the horns on the street beyond. In the afternoon the power cut out and the evening darkness raced towards me. I sat in silence without light and without my fan to keep me cool. I had few thoughts. I thought about my friends and family back in London and was amused by the idea of London trying to function with an equal number of power outages, and of my friends rushing up and down their Victorian houses and flats with candles and matches. I thought about the river and how I longed to sit on the ghats as the light faded. I thought about ice-coffee and chocolate pancakes.

I hope that tomorrow I will be able to venture out again.