The lights off

by Gabriella Sonabend

Sometimes entire days fly past and it is hard to say what one has done with one’s time. This has been one of those days. After an enthusiastic start to the day (thinking that I had completed my task from a few days previous of finally uploading a video during power cuts etc.) I soon realised that I would have to revisit this work to make revisions and this time electricity was not on my side.

I ventured into the streets alone at midday following a strange craving for strawberry wafers, which I subsequently satisfied (to little satisfaction) throughout the day (whilst praying to any Varanasi internet/electricity related deity who might have a moment spare and fancy helping out a foreigner).

Eventually at around 7pm with frustratingly little progress made I went with Navneet and Jessie to a south Indian restaurant around the corner. Here Navneet regaled us with anecdotes about his unusual liberal schooling and childhood as I ate a masala dosa at a frightening pace.

The others had spent the day at a nearby hotel enjoying a large brunch with unlimited drinks and swam in its pool. I had rather masochistically opted out of going too, martyring myself to my task. It was not a great decision. Next time I will know; that when the power cuts and the lights are off, it’s best to shrug one’s shoulders, laugh and move onto something else!